Orgonites...restoring balance and harmony

What is Orgone Energy and how does this energy effect our environment?

Orgone Energy is the universal life energy that permeates everything in the universe. Orgone has many different names and it is also known as scalar energy. In many cultures it is referred to as chi, prana, life-force, ether, and in some cases zero-point energy. It is the energy of life.

​When you first hear the term “Orgone,” you no doubt hear the name Dr. Wilhelm Reich; the Austrian scientist credited with discovering the universal life energy, which he termed “Orgone energy” before ultimately meeting his demise because of his discovery. If you visit a website about Orgone, you’ll hear the same points. He was Austrian, a student of Sigmund Freud, and he discovered a bio-electrical charge in the human body and figured out a way to accumulate and harness the energy to treat human beings with cancer and infertility among other ailments, and neurosis that came from being out of alignment with the universal life energy of Orgone.

An Orgone device is a energy device that is composed of three core materials; quartz crystals, metal shavings, and a catalyzing resin. Other materials often include various crystals and rocks, such as selenite, copper coils, as well as fine metal powders and catalyzing resin alternatives. Many types of crystal can be used to make it, but quartz, which is composed of silicon dioxide, behaves a certain way when pressure is applied to it. In this case, the resin compresses the quartz, which activates its piezoelectric charge. This charge is released as scalar waves. Scalar energy is another term for Orgone energy, and this energy is amplified during this process when making Orgone devices.

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